We are manufacturing centrifugal

Electric Pump Units for various

industries since 1950.

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    +7 495 221-56-10
  • Postal Address
    14, Zavodskaya Street, SCHELKOVO, MOSCOW REGION,

About factory


Our “ENA / ЭНА” is the joint-stock company for manufacturing of Electric Pump Units. It was developed 1992 from the 1932-founded Schelkovskiy Nasosniy Zavod, i. e. The Pump Factory, located in SCHELKOVO, a town near MOSCOW. Now we’re standing among the Russian-leading manufacturers of pumping equipment.

At present we’re producing a wide range, over 250 types and 780 sizes, of centrifugal Electric Pumps for various industrial applications. Depending upon the latter, our Pumps are manufacturing of: various steels, incl. stainless ones; non-ferrous metals, and/or plastics. Our products are widely known upon either Russian- or many foreign markets.

Our “ENA” is the Acting Member of The Russian Association of Pump Manufacturers ( РАПН / RAPN ). Properly licensed production facilities, our own certified Testing Centre, modern Quality Management System, highly experienced engineering personnel and skilled workmen are ensuring designing and manufacturing of Pumps in the strict accordance with the currently-valid international standards.

We are constantly upgrading our designs, taking into account either results of their de-facto operation, or requirements / suggestions of our Customers.


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